“The lectures were a wonderful mix of philosophy, practical and anatomy.”

“For me as a beginner I found the lectures pitched at a good level ~ refreshing, exciting experience and adding new knowledge.”

“The practicals were clinically useful because things I had not experienced before occurred and I was able to discuss them fully with tutors, I have an insight into how to approach these things in practice… The event will help me to let go of things that are not really working for me anymore. BioBasics is my new home, thank you.”

“The lectures were more fluid than I expected. Not bogged down with information, but choosing points of focus which are thought-provoking.”

The practicals really allowed intimate supervision which was excellent from experienced tutors. I really feel more confident to use these methods

“I gained a whole new understanding of the cranial field and the possibilities this has. I was given great advice how to distract my attention and how to allow things to come to you… Thank you very much for an incredible experience.”

“The lectures have all been absolutely wonderful, committed, professional, encouraging and supportive.”

“I felt the balance for this course was ideal.”

“Thank you, I feel like I’ve come home”

“I just wanted to say it was really good to meet you at BioBasics. Thank you for sharing your experiences of cranial courses and giving me the nudge I needed to enroll for phase 1. I ‘m now in the course and really looking forward to February.
Even with the few stuff we touched on in BioBasics I have seen a tremendous difference in my practice and in fact in myself. Everything just flows much easier and the treatment happens so effortlessly.  I’ve had some cases that I wouldn’t know where to start before, but with the biodynamic approach it all unravels before I even try to make sense of anything. What is more beautiful is that people come back and report changes in other aspects of their life not just relief of pain, with such an eased and relaxed attitude. And I have more trust in the work and in myself, which I think it also helps for much less treatment reactions.
Anyway, thank you again for your hard work setting all this up. My goal for attending BioBasics was achieved and I’m pleased to be confident again to go on a course.”