BioBasics 2013 is an event for osteopaths, supported by osteopaths experienced in biodynamic osteopathy in the cranial field.

The BioBasics weekend is an annual event anchored around speakers exploring a different topic each year, with plenty of time for exploring the themes hands-on and discussing with your tutor. Lectures will include clinical applications. The 2013 theme is Palpation and Sensing as a Communication Tool.

Topics to be explored include:

  • The Meeting Place;
  • Communicating with Stillness;
  • Sensing Fluids;
  • Cellular Communication;
  • Divided Attention: Freeing the Observer;
  • Practitioner Centring;
  • Listening Skills in Case History Taking.

We welcome applications from osteopaths experienced in the biodynamic approach to osteopathy in the cranial field to present any of the above themes or related topics at BioBasics 2013.

When is it?: The next BioBasics UK event will be held on the weekend of October 19th-20th, 2013.

Who is it? The BioBasics team have confirmed the following timetable for BioBasics 2013:


9.00: Journey from A.T Still, W.G. Sutherland to James Jealous. Tom Greenfield.

9.30: Lecture 1) Awareness of ourself. Different levels of meeting and different levels of stillness. To include a practical. Caroline Tosh

11.00 Break

11.20: Lecture 2) Levels of stillness. Wholeness. Neuro/endocrine link. To include a practical. Ercilia De Marco.

12.50 Lunch

2.10: Lecture 3) Autonomic Nervous System: Unsung hero. Commonly dysfunctional in our society. To include a practical. Mark Wilson.

3.40 Break

4.00: Lecture 4) Case history and listening skills – Observation of our habits. Divided attention. Create a space to listen from. Not 100% you. To include a practical. Karen Carroll.

5.30: Finish


9.00: Lecture 5) Communicating in dualistic and non dualistic worlds and The Meeting Place. Include practical. Mary Bolingbroke.

10.30 Break

11.00: Lecture 6) Cellular communication. Include practical. Richard Holding.

12.30: Lunch

2.00: 7) Our Hands, Feeling, Thinking and Knowing Osteopathically. To include practical. Christian Sullivan.

3.30 Break

4.00: 8) Discussion panel.

5.00 Finish

Where will it be held? The 2013 event will take place at St. Charles Sixth Form College, London W10 6EY.

Sorry, no spaces left for students on the 2013 event! If you would like to be on the waiting list please send in the registration form and we will contact you if we have any late cancellations.