9:00 Student registration and Meet Your Tutor

9:20 Welcome, Introduction, Housekeeping ~ Tom Greenfield.

9:45 Lecture 1: What do we mean by ‘Fluid’? Hazel Williams and Joanna Mitchell. Practical: ~ Sensory Exploration of Fluids, Synchronisation. Questions.

10:45 Pause for refreshments

11:15 Lecture 2: Fluids. How Dr Sutherland’s perceptual awareness changed during his osteopathic career, and the language used to describe it. Christian Sullivan.

Practical: Exploring for wholeness, and the balance point of the body liquids, and in the “fluid”.

12:45 Questions arising from the morning.

1:00 Lunch (bring your own). Students to find topics for further discussion over lunch.

2:15 Lecture 3: Lymphatics, Tissue Fluids, No Compartments. Emily Dux.

Practical: palpating tissue fluid of a limb and then abdomen. Sense of fluid body interaction.

Questions. 3:30 Pause for refreshments.

4:00 Lecture 4: A change of heart: Foetal Circulation v Normal Circulation. Fabiano da Silva.

The embryology of circulation, differences at birth, including first breath, Circulatory shock, Cord Clamping. Clinical applications.

Practical: Peeling the Diaphragm from the Posterior Wall Questions.


08:45 Meet your tutors (change tutors from Saturday)

9:00 Review of Saturday, questions arising from Saturday.

9.30 Lecture 5: Evolution of the Biodynamic Model: Oneness and The Tide. Richard Holding. Influences on William G Sutherland, Rollin Becker, Anne Wales and James Jealous.

Practical: Tides.

Questions. 11:00 Pause for refreshments

11.30 Lecture 6: Acute Fluid Disturbance. Cherry Harris.

Practical. Questions.

1.00 Lunch (bring your own). Think of questions for the open forum.

2.30 Lecture 7: Chronic Fluid Dysfunction, Stasis. Mary Bolingbroke.

Practical: Awareness of Patient’s and Practitioner’s Fluid Bodies Meeting, Expansion.

4:00 Refreshments, Open Forum, Tutor Panel. Encourage everyone to come up with topics for discussion which may have arisen over the weekend.

4:30 Check students before leaving.