Saturday 17 July:

8:45 Registration
Welcome and introduction from the Biobasics team
Caroline Tosh: History of Biodynamic Osteopathy
Caroline Tosh: The meeting place (practical session)
Review and questions
Leo Meyer: Trusting the Breath of Life
1.00-2.30 Lunch (bring your own)
Christian Sullivan: Tissues, Tides and Motions. The breathings of the human organism (practical session)
5.30 Finish

Sunday 18 July:

9.00 Recap, questions
Meditation on the breath by Christine Smith
Clare Ballard: Embryology of the abdominal diaphragm
Joanna Mitchell: Practical on the abdominal diaphragm
1.00-2.30 Lunch (bring your own)
Mark Wilson: The effects of complications experienced by neonates with prematurity and dangerous births on the expression of respiration, primary and thoracic (practical)
Panel of speakers, closing talk & open discussion for title of Biobasics 2011
Students checked before leaving

5:30 Finish

Tea and coffee will be provided during the morning and afternoon breaks.

The timetable is approximate and the course content is subject to change without notice.