Biobasics 2018
13-14 October
Meet like-minded people, in a warm and supportive environment to explore traditional osteopathic principles.
We’re not here to remember the works of Still or Sutherland; we are here to become students of the laws of the mechanism that was their discovery. These laws are available, they’re an open space. Still and Sutherland became students and gave of themselves. They gave the work to their followers, but they only gave clues to their followers, knowing the doctors themselves had to become students of the work - Rollin Becker DO, Life in Motion



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To you, thinking osteopaths of the profession

“There is alarm at the door of all osteopathic schools. The enemy has broken through our picket. Shall we permit the osteopathic profession to be enslaved to the medical trust? As the father of the profession I am making an international call for all pure D.O.s who are willing to go on fighting the line without being drafted into service…. I unfurled the osteopathic flag of freedom over forty years ago….. Hold up the pure and unadulterated osteopathic flag. Do not allow it to be trampled at the feet of our enemy. By winning this battle, we have delivered the greatest truth unfolded to suffering humanity. Millions of lives can be saved annually. Osteopathy is yet in its infancy. I have only brought forth the principles and truth, which I have turned over to the profession, which has the wisdom and enough moral backbone not to offer any compromise with the enemy…. If we cannot have the pure osteopathic principles taught in our schools, I hope the faithful will rally around the flag and we will build an international school that will offer no compromise unless it is the golden truth,

D.O. means DIG ON.”

A. T. Still

Extract from a letter by Dr Andrew Taylor Still addressed to the President of the American Osteopathic Association of 1915, Portland Oregon, printed in the 1948 A.A.O. Yearbook.

Is this for you?

There is no previous skill or training level required to attend this event, which is open to final year undergraduates and graduate osteopaths from all backgrounds who would like to explore traditional osteopathy in a closely supported and guided space with experienced supporting tutors on a one-to-one basis.

Prior experience with osteopathy in the cranial field may be useful, otherwise students may want to read ‘Osteopathy in the Cranial Field’ by Harold Magoun before attending a workshop.

Definition of Osteopathy

From the Journal of Osteopathy, May 1899


Legal: “A system, method, or science of healing.”

(See statutes of the States of Missouri, Michigan, Iowa, etc.)

Historical: Osteopathy was discovered by Dr. A. T. Still of Baldwin, Kansas, 1874. Dr. Still reasoned that “a natural flow of blood is health; that disease is the effect of local or general disturbance of blood; that to excite the nerves causes muscles to contract and compress venous flow of blood to the heart; and that the bones could be used as levers to relieve pressure on nerves, veins and arteries.”

Technical: Osteopathy is based upon accurate knowledge of the anatomical structure and physiological functions of the body organism. Nature has placed within the body certain vital forces, vitalised fluids, and vitalising processed and activities which in harmonious accord with one another maintain the equilibrium of the body mechanism; any disturbance of these forces, fluids, or processes, and any interference with their activity, circulation, or distribution, involves the absence of harmony and interference with the body order. Osteopathic manipulations aim to restore these to their normal conditions, so that the body may regain its normal equilibrium and form. In this way Osteopathy claims that life is revitalised and strengthened by vital forces, vitalising processes and fluids, disease being removed or overborne by getting rid of an abnormal structural alignment that produces disharmony in the body and prevents normal functional activity.

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2017 Price
The normal rate for registered osteopaths in 2017 was £220

Early Bird discount for registered osteopaths in 2017 was £170

Student rate was £170 (must be enrolled at an accredited osteopathic college at the time of booking), or a graduate in the same year as the event.

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